Mission, vision & values


We stay by your side throughout your IT projects in order to find optimal solutions that meet your needs and ambitions. Our objective is the same whether we are working for a multinational, a government organization or SMEs: provide our clients with the best of our expertise and experience to work towards the ideal solution, while developing a successful relationship of mutual trust and partnership with them.

We help you adapt to digital transformations and boost your competitiveness. We are a very technical and engineering-oriented company, but we don't conduct IT projects in order to test one technology or another. Indeed, we put the technology at your service to solve your problems and simplify your work.

Partnership is a fundamental aspect of our work. We put together a "dream team" for each project we have been entrusted to do. Our team can integrate yours in order to facilitate exchanges and ensure greater efficiency. The agile methods that we are using also improve our collaboration as they allow instant project follow-up.

Driven by a desire to use our IT skills for more and more challenging projects, we maintain our growth by delivering high quality services and by keeping our objective of continual improvement in mind.


We strive for excellence and aspire to become the reference in the area of IT development, project management and advice. We believe that our employees are key contributors to achieve our common goal: the full satisfaction of our clients thanks to high quality services, because their involvement ensures the success of your projects.

We are committed to analyzing, together with you, your needs and to developing a solution that meets all of them.






We respect and listen to each person we work with, wether it be colleagues, clients or partners. It allows everyone to flourish in a serene atmosphere and ensures greater efficiency, which is why we are committed to building a relationship of trust with everyone we are working with.







Quality is a fundamental value of our company that allows us to provide you with optimal IT solutions and guarantee the continuity of our relationships. We are convinced that creating bug free solutions will save us time, allow our solutions to evolve faster and consequently, reduce costs.





We want to build a real and lasting partnership with our clients, with you. This collaboration aims at achieving your objectives quickly, efficiently and ensuring the continuity of projects and relations. Our Agile tools have made the cooperation easier: they offer daily involvement and greater responsiveness.



Team Spirit


Cooperation and proximity are fundamental elements at Wavenet. During recruitment, we are looking for people with certain skills and competences, but who are also able to work in teams and adhere to certain values. By doing so, we have developed a convivial atmosphere and a family spirit, which are essential for employees’ fulfilment.

Solidarity, involvement and responsibility are complementary: when we form a team, each member should be engaged in his work and feel responsible for his tasks.







We always limit our annual growth to max 50% to keep it steady and controlled. The last adjective is very important to guarantee the integration and training of new employees, and to keep our financial independence and the continuity of our company and activities. The adjective “steady” stands for the long-term vision and stability.

Our growth aims to meet our clients’ growing needs and to allow the professional fulfilment of our collaborators who want new challenges during their career.







Innovation is an integral part of our work. We like creating new products and partnerships, as well as learning new technologies and working on innovative projects and fields. We can help our clients adapt to the changes of the IT world and meet their new needs and requirements.

We have created two products, WavenetCity and Wavenet e-gov, for the administrations and are currently working with our partner Smartnodes on intelligent lightning management.







We provide solutions to face the rapid changes of the IT world. We use agile methods to allow rapid adaptations, greater collaboration and to be able to react quickly to changes. Regular sprints allow us to adjust the solution over time.








« La simplicité est la réussite absolue » Frédéric Chopin. We commit ourselves to develop KISS solutions (Keep it Simple, Stupid). These solutions are more robust, evolutive and easier to use and maintain. We seek to act in a reflective and coordinated way in order to avoid waste of time, energy and money.







We attach great importance to the environment in which we evolve and work. Solar panels, heat pump, waste sorting, composting, grouped orders of sandwiches, paper reduction, water dispenser, ... These are some examples of measures that we have put in place to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.




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