Development of IoT management platformsInternet of Thing - IoT

Wavenet has developed a management platform of connected objects to centralize the supervision, the monitoring, the geolocation and update of all of your objects in a single interface and make optimal use of all the data collected.

It is based on Microsoft Azure IoT technology and is open to any type of data integration (MQTT, TALQ protocol, etc.).

Each of these objects has a digital identity and sensors that make it possible to identify it, collect data on its state, its environment or execute commands. In an industrial setting, there are many fields of application for IoT.

Our tool allows you to:

  • centralize all the IoTs of a municipality, a region, an industry or any other organization on the same interface
  • define custom tasks and execute commands
  • visualize and manage your IoTs in a cartographic interface
  • configure management by group, by type, by geographic area, by multiple filters in connection with your business
  • define very varied viewing and management rights, targeted access while ensuring a centralized approach to connected objects
  • generate complex circumstantial alerts
  • guarantee the quality of the IT infrastructure by centralizing logs, efficient viewing of errors, web service relays to your MOA tools
  • monitor your network, your data and the state of objects
  • finely exploit centralized data (operational reporting, strategic BI, machine learning)
  • store data in the cloud

Our skills in business intelligence and machine learning make it possible to exploit data from connected objects.

Discover two concrete cases of IoT platforms

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