IoT PlateformConstruction equipment monitoring for HeronTrack

We are participating in the development of the tool tracking platform for HeronTrack, a young Walloon company that offers an innovative solution for the management of construction equipment based on a mobile application and various Sigfox and Bluetooth sensors connected to a SaaS platform.

The platform allows customers to easily geolocate their small tagged equipment, improve productivity and prevent theft and loss.

The tags combine short range (Bluetooth Low Energy) and long range (LoRaWAN or Sigfox) and are compatible with indoor and outdoor environments.

The platform we have developed makes it possible to:

  • manage and view object tags
  • geolocate these objects
  • configure and view worksites and sites
  • view history
  • manage and view groups
  • transmit alerts in case of disappearance of equipment

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