IoT PlatformIntelligent lighting management platform

We have developed a SmartCity platform for managing and analyzing data collected by different types of sensors for intelligent public lighting: sensors specific to lighting, but also traffic, speed, noise, quality of air, etc.

The platform makes it possible to:

  • Control the lighting network in real time
  • Create multiple scenarios for switching on and adjust the intensity
  • Have an easy-to-use interface to deploy these scenarios by group, period, geolocation and circumstantial needs (accident , festivity, fire)
  • Generate various alerts by sending email or SMS on the basis of the information collected
  • Monitor the state of the network and transmit the events by web service to a GMAO tool
  • Update the software versions of the equipment deployed in the field
  • Analyze and understand the behavior of motorists according to lighting scenarios


The main functionalities of the platform revolve around the "CMS" management functionalities and the analysis functionalities of the collected data. It is based on TALQ V2 and Microsoft Azure IoT technology, which allows both to integrate data related to lighting and based on the TALQ V2 protocol, but also to remain open to any type of integration of other data (MQTT protocol for example). The solution is offered as a base hosted on Azure.

It integrates management of user access rights allowing profiles to be created with specific rights based on:

  • Viewing data related to a geographic area
  • Viewing certain types of data (lighting, noise, etc.)
  • Limiting access to certain platform modules

For this application our platform centralizes data relating to:

  • A structuring APS communication network
  • Lightings, dimmers, LED panels of "intelligent" lights
  • Passage metering hardware for mobility management
  • Integration into the network of noise probes, water levels, pollution, ...

The smart lighting project began in the context of a Smart Region at Walloon level, in partnership with Smartnodes. We have also set up a research and development project concerning the use of data of lighting and street furniture.

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