We offer development and consultancy services to telecom equipment suppliers and operators.

Some examples of projects our team of engineers specialized in telecommunication have achieved:

  • Access management: RADIUS, differentiated IP allocation, aliasing, personal policing, anti-bill shock, in-memory sessions database
  • Logs Management: collection, archiving, reformatting, anonymization, analysis, parsing, KPI computing
  • Mobile Internet access: optimization and customization of subscribers' experience based on their profile, device and used services
  • PCRF development for one of the two leading French mobile operators
  • Traffic, marketing and QoS KPI computing, storage and rendering
  • Messaging SMS & MMS
  • Provisioning subscribers' directories
  • Billing: differential taxation, offers management
  • Advertising: SMS, internet
  • Geo-tracking
  • Customer Care
  • Development of provisioning tools of network equipment: GGSN, …


The majority of current telephone systems are based on VoIP (Voice over IP).

What does VoIP allow?

  • Data and voice integration on one single network
  • Development of specific applications integrated to the telephony
  • Costs reduction, including by eliminating the communication costs between the sites or for the teleworkers
  • Increased telephony management (log in/log out, IP Softphone, …)

However, more than 95% of the installations use VoIP as a traditional telephone system without taking advantage of the power of customization offered by this revolution in the world of telephony. To address this gap, we integrate and develop specific applications with Asterisk to integrate IP telephony into your IT applications (CRM, collaborative tools, Intranet, …).

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