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Creation of intranet solutions

The Intranet is the nervous system of the company: knowledge bases, CRM, ERP, Human Resources. Everything is available and supplied via a user-friendly interface to allow everyone to monitor and intervene from a secure Internet connection. The solutions that we put in place respect Internet standards.

A nomadic salesperson or a head office employee can use the intranet in the same way, a simple browser is sufficient.

For companies with several operating offices, the use of Internet technologies is essential for sharing software tools between the different sites.

Teleworking is also facilitated by the use of an Intranet. A simple ADSL connection is enough to access your files and databases as if you were in the office.

The use of a knowledge base facilitates the training of new employees, the sharing of information between employees, as well as its storage.

The encoding of services performed in service companies allows precise invoicing of the work of each employee, the printing of statistical lists on the productivity of each file, etc.

Creation of extranet solutions

An Extranet invites your suppliers to integrate into your organization as if they were part of your business. In the same way, you get closer to your customers by offering them personalized services, no matter how far away you are. By this customization of services, your organization has a significant competitive advantage.

The Extranet allows you to target the information you post to the Internet in relation to the access permissions you set on each page. You determine and modify the groups with privileged access yourself. For each page, you just have to determine if it is public or reserved for one or more user groups.

The faster flow of information allows organizations to reduce repetitive tasks. In addition, the encoding of information by each employee allows full traceability in the organization.

Visitors are asked for a username and password before accessing the protected parts of your site, or their personal space. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) can be used to secure access to data by encrypting exchanges between the web server and the client browser.

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