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The advantages linked to the acquisition of a website are well established: unlimited geographical visibility, the speed of dissemination of the information available on the website, not to mention the saving of money in printing, costs of sending, ...

But in order to engage the visitors of your site, it is essential to frequently adapt the content of your site. This is the major role of Internet solutions we develop. Wavenet will create your website from A to Z, as well as your e-commerce, intranet and extranet solutions.

If we feel that the use of a CMS (Content Management System) is necessary, we will select the best option among the solutions available.

What's a CMS?

A CMS, or content management system, is an application intended for the design and dynamic updating of websites. It allows people without specific technical HTML skills to manage the content of their site. Editing the text and illustrations is indeed very easy and intuitive.

A CMS is made up of a core and modules

  • The kernel is the main part of the CMS which brings together the basic functionalities (management of the tree view, menus, text editing, etc.).
  • Modules are additional options allowing you to add functionalities such as adding web links, downloading, publishing news, RSS feeds, the possibility of managing a secure area requiring a login and a password to be consulted.

Using a CMS offers many advantages

  • Simplification of the management of your site: no technical skills are required (no concept of HTML, FTP, etc.). Editing the text and illustrations of your site is as easy as editing office documents: you will find, for example, the well-known layout buttons of classic word text editor and the "copy and paste" function from any type of document (word processing software, spreadsheet, website, etc.)
  • Ease of updating your site thanks to the speed of adding or modifying pages
  • Information structuring: modification of the menu tree possible with just a few clicks
  • No additional cost when modifying the content of your site
  • No software installation on the client workstation. No maintenance, expensive software updates to perform within your computer park
  • The management modules of your website will be accessible via any computer connected to the Internet, from the office, from home, even from an internet café
  • Interactivity with visitors to your portal thanks to numerous modules (forums, rss feeds, etc.)
  • Definition and intensive use of customizable styles facilitating the homogeneity of the site
  • Authentication of site editors via a personal username and password

Whether your project is a classic website, an Intranet, an Extranet or a commercial site, we will always choose the optimal solution among the solutions available on the market (Sitecore, Umbraco, Jahia, Liferay, Drupal…) to allow you to develop your web application at the pace of your needs.

We have developed many projects with different open-source solutions. The choice of solution is dictated either by the client or by the result of an analysis of the client's needs and environment.


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