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Our designers' objectives are to make your applications user-friendly and attractive. They are experts in UX/UI design and work on different devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and smartwatches. Each device has specific features that the designers have to take into account when implementing an application: screen size, load time, tactile navigation, etc. Our designers are well trained and experienced in the implementation of responsive web design for all kinds of websites and apps.

The terms UX design stand for the user experience, i.e. what will be implemented to facilitate and optimize the way the user will use the app. UX designers analyze the Le designer UX analyse users' behaviours and adapt the interface and interactions to their needs and expectations. They pay close attention to the application's ergonomics and propose solutions with mockups.

UI design, closely linked to UX design, concerns the user interface. This is somehow the layout of the application, its graphic identity. UI designers create mockups, essential for the development of the solutions.

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