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Our consultants are available for missions of varying duration. We offer ad hoc or long-term assistance to address a specific problem or provide consultants to strengthen your project teams.

Our consulting activity includes three specific categories:


The first advisory category is the audit. Our consultants determine with you what are your company's needs, the possible IT problems you may be facing, and how to address them in the most suitable way.


The second category is the outsourcing. We provide skilled staff within your company, who are qualified and specialized in the appropriate field. They will work towards a comprehensive solution to your IT issues on site.


The third and last option is the definition of the specifications.

Drafting detailed specificatons is essential to the proper implementation of a development project.

We help you determine the necessary hard- and software purchases to meet the computing needs of your company. We can also write functional specifications of softwares that could be developed to solve your issues.

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