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Agile Methods

Throughout the project, we work with agile methods, Scrum and eXtreme programming. Both methods allow our clients to be involved during conception of applications, which considerably increases the responsiveness to their requests.

At the start of the project, we prepare an overall schedule, a functional analysis and a high-level architecture. Then, we divide the project into functionalities or components that are detailed, developed, tested and delivered to the client one by one in order to form a comprehensive solution.

The agile methodology is based on four fundamental values:

  • The team: from an agile perspective, the team is much more important than the material means or procedures. Communication and collaborative work are essential notions.
  • The app: it is of crucial importance that the application works. All means should be used to achieve this objective.
  • The collaboration: the client should be involved during the development. We cannot simply negotiate a contract at the beginning of a project, and then overlook client's requests. He has to collaborate with the team members and provide them with continuous feedback about the app and his expectations.
  • The acceptance of change: the initial planning and the solution structure should be flexible in order to allow the client's request to evolve all along the project.


Short iteration development

Very fast adaptation to change and production, component by component. Once the development is complete, it is integrated and put into production.


The client can provide us with an early feedback on what has been developed, which ensures convergence towards a comprehensive solution that meets his expectations.


All parties have full visibility on the actual progress of the project through Redmine.

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